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Monday, September 26, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - If they carry out their proposed scheme I confirm that ‘ Nasi terus jadi bubur’.


I am surprised that so many clever people cannot under stand simple arithmetic.

The current state of affairs of MAS has been caused by :

(i)         Some 15 years ago MAS management was massed up and the very fabric of its operation was destroyed and until now it has not been fully revived despite efforts being made to revive it.
(ii)        The situation has been compounded by the wrong decisions of the government to allow Air Asia to operate  on domestic and regional routes in the beginning and later on long haul  routes without any proper study on the impact.
(iii)       The authorities failed to appreciate the role and responsibilities of a National Carrier and wrongly placed MAS to compete against a private low cost carrier. It should be noted that it was wrong to convert Air-Asia’s  license from international routes not operated by MAS into domestic routes without any study on the impact.
(iv)       Those concerned have failed to appreciate that Malaysia’s air transport premier travel market is very small and that the market is very ‘price sensitive.
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