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Friday, September 16, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - Has anyone heard of something called "influence" or "cables"?

Then almost immediately after the MAS - Air Asia share swap we see this - MAS signs an RM18.0 million sponsorship deal with the Queens Park Rangers FC. And of course the QPR FC is owned by Tony Fernandes.
Now get this : the MAS T shirts (for which MAS will be paying RM18.0 million) will be worn by the QPR FC only during home games. During "away" games they will wear Air Asia T shirts. OK. Now how many of you have heard of the Queens Park Rangers? Where is their home stadium? Is it Wembley Stadium? No. 
So the MAS T Shirts will be worn at Loftus Road. The Air Asia T shirts will be worn maybe when QPR plays over at Chelsea. Folks, guess which game will get more TV coverage?
Tony lagi pandai lah.  
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