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Monday, September 26, 2011

ill-defined 1 Malaysia to blame for race problems


I wonder whether PM Najib thinks that his 1Malaysia idea which to many of my generation is just mere sloganeering without having any specific objective, is enough to drive the many races in Malaysia towards being a united people. 

So why do we have these lingering problems in the first place? My main suspect is Language, we as a nation are not speaking the same National Language unlike the Indonesian, the Thais, the Filipinos etc. While we are the only country in the world which allows vernacular schools existing side by side with national schools which for all means and purposes will ultimately lead to segregation of the the races as lets face it people who does not study and play together and speaks different language will never get to know one another, will be distrusting of each other and will always be defensive against each other, can there ever be UNITY in such a situation.
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