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Friday, September 30, 2011

Chinese: Never too late to return to the fold

By Jason Tan Tjx - a facebook acquaintance. Many more youngsters who had matured in their political worldview are making the right decisions courageously. I am surprised and please to receive this confession today. Shen Yee Aun another staunch Dap member and supporter who was a top Malay debater had also contributed articles to my blog upon seeing the Light of Day.

One of the major reasons why Pakatan Rakyat gained significant inroads in the previous election was due to the sudden swing of Chinese and urban voters towards the opposition. What most of them dint realize back then was the incompatibility and differences among the coalition parties in Pakatan Rakyat. They were blinded by the prospects of PR governing the country, after being promised the skies, moons and what not.

Therefore, urban and Chinese voters MUST reconsider their position and stand in today’s modern world. Are you ready to be governed by the yet-to-be-unleashed beast of PAS, or you are contented with the status quo of secularism. Ballot papers are in your hands, therefore, it is not too late to make a late switch and turn back to a established party who are willing to change. With that, quoting Pete Teo, Undilah! 
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