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Monday, September 26, 2011

Around Election Time - Egypt's Ikwan with Zionist bogey and Kelantan's PAS with Hudud bogey

What was the practical objective for the Libyans to throw out Gaddafi? Did they throw him out because they were fed up of getting free goodies? Now, under their new found democracy, can they survive on their own without Gaddafi's tongkat? Or did they throw out Gaddafi because they were hoping to get more free goodies under their own steam? 
Here is the real deal : After slaying the beast, they (Americans & Europeans) are gathering for the feast.

They want their pound of flesh. They will decide how the US$15 billion shall be spent. The US$15 billion shall be used to pay Western companies and contractors to "rebuild Libya". They are stealing again - its Iraq all over again.
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