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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yet in Malay culture one should never forget the “budi” of another.

Are they all cronies, these successful ones? There are far too many of them to be cronies.

Why is it that the Government is doing all these under the NEP? The answer is simple. The Malay businessmen do not get opportunities from the private sector. They never get contracts or sub-contracts or contracts for supplies in the private sector. Even after they have proved their capabilities when carrying out Government contracts, they will not get contracts from the private sector.

On the other hand even when the NEP was being implemented, many of the Government contracts still go to non-Malays.
Politicians must find issues to support their bids for power. But condemning the NEP can only be done by twisting or ignoring the contributions of that policy to political stability and the economic success of Malaysia.

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