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Monday, August 22, 2011

We know who is chasing the eternal truth and who is chasing short-lived lies.

for these politicians to stay relevance and be accepted by the public, they have to stay firm with their views and principles even though its may not popular to most of the people.
You will never be forever obscure your true intention to be a politician, sooner or latter people will find it, only time will tell. The good analogy is Anwar Ibrahim. AI true intention was so bloody covered during his time in UMNO/BN, but when his true face stripped off - his ill intention started to prevail as we can see currently.
PAS also another good analogy. When our Muslim brothers faith currently under treat, PAS has lose their teeth and succumbed to it fellow non-Muslims party.
DAP on the other hand, remain firm with their own political principles, DAP has in so far managed to force PAS to abandon their principles from establish Islamic state into welfare state.

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