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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Royal Commission of Inquiry's refused to accept a suicide note that was also introduced "late" as evidence.


In contrast Dr Pornthip who was hired by the Opposition party (obviously to be made into a political issue) made her first comments (which turned out to be completely wrong) based on photogpraphs that "were somewhat lacking in clarity" [para 124].

What I find really strange is that despite such confirmation by the handwriting expert, the Royal Commission of Inquiry still chose to reject his expert evidence and the suicide note. I think this has been another major mistake by the RCI. They have erred quite seriously here.

How could the Chemist ever obtain such an 'original' sample? TBH was no more alive. And all other samples that were available (like his notebook) were rejected. So without this "original handwriting" sample, the RCI rejected all the other evidence. 
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