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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Religions As Per PAS & DAP

JUST MY THOUGHTS is important to emphasise that while this conservative, sometimes atavistic, mindset that confronts us transcends party affiliations, the dogma associated with it is more closely aligned to PAS than Umno. This is why it is PAS that sought to introduce hudud—the emblem of this dogma—- in Kelantan and Trengganu , something which no Umno-led state or federal government has done in the last 54 years.

The controversy over the use of the term “Allah” by non-Muslims is a case in point.
The evangelical push in Malaysia and other parts of the world has a lot to do with the rise of what is broadly described as the Christian Right in the United States. For the Christian Right exporting their brand of the religion serves to strengthen the global hegemonic power of the US.

Many Christian groups in Malaysia and other countries are opposed to this sort of evangelism. They know that it is not only a betrayal of the essence of Jesus’ message of love, compassion and justice but also inimical to harmonious relations among different religious communities. They emphasise universal values shared by Christianity, Islam and other religions.

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