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Monday, August 29, 2011

Prime Minister Najib, are you sleeping on the job? Are you so detached that you cannot distinguish truth from falsehood?


It may have been understandable that at the initial stages, Malaysia could have been confused by the Zionist Anglo-American / NATO propaganda that Gaddafi's government was allegedly killing its own people who supposedly was rising in protest against the rule of Gaddafi.

This is hypocrisy and is so typical of Malaysia as was illustrated by the banning of President of Sudan from attending the recent Langkawi Dialogue and thereafter the scrambling to repair the damage when the Foreign Minister was dispatched to apologise to the President of Sudan for the political debacle. And all because of Malaysia's oil investment in Sudan.

Could it be that this cowardly and hypocritical stance of Malaysia has to do with oil as well, just as the greedy and barbaric Western oil interests are doing?
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