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Thursday, August 18, 2011

No, we cannot now sweep this under the carpet for it involves fundamental questions about Article 11 of the Constitution.

The church - and its supporters - had raised about this purported "Jais raid". Based on the one-sided and slanted reports, it would appear as if the church and those present were "the victims of Muslim fanatics". And many were quick to condemn Jais without bothering to check out the facts first. Including Muslims. 
All the while, the church and its supporters were keen to focus on only one thing: "that Jais had raided the church"; that Jais "had intruded into the Thanksgiving dinner and interrupted the programme". But the most pertinent questions are wilfully ignored; including: Was the church involved in prostelysation activities? YES OR NO?
Are Muslims and Malaysians who care about law and order going to allow DUMC to get away with it... AGAIN? 
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