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Thursday, August 11, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - Would the deal be good for the national carrier or if it will benefit Tony Fernandes? Full Stop!


Since 21-7-2011 AirAsia’s shares have been on the unprecedented upbeat hitting as high as RM4.16 per share, in HERE, and MAS registered a movement between the range of 40 Sen, in HERE.  On Saturday the 6-8-2011,The Malaysian Insider, published a sources story with clinical accuracy and perfect timing, in HERE.  On Friday, one day before that spot on sources story by the said Malaysian Insider, AirAsia’s share closed at RM3.95, in HERE, and MAS RM1.62. On Monday 8-8-2011 (2 days later) after the publication of that famous sources story both AirAsia and MAS were suspended from trading. How coincidental!


Will the new MAS board call in the cops (the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) or will they wait another years down the road for our golden boys at Khazanah Nasional to come up with yet another roadmap for MAS?
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