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Saturday, August 13, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - Unless TF and AA see they can profit from these

How was Khazanah able to persuade? I don’t think its bully tactics. TF can’t be cowed into accepting something that is not profitable to him. He has clashed with the government on many issues- ownership over the name of F1 team, aerobridge, moving hq to elsewhere. He fights and challenges the government on every score - MAS has Tun Abdullah, he now has Abdullah’s nemesis - Mahathir. You dickheads at the gomen can’t do anything to me lah esse.

In other words AA has the MONOPOLY. Did Khazanah agree that in future, it will ask the government never to issue airline licenses to any upstart? Only AA is allowed to. Does it also mean that other companies can’t collaborate with locals in setting up another low cost carrier? 

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