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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Malaysia Yang ISLAM, sebagai Agama Rasminya


Ramadan Delights.The Star's special supplement today is mainly on breaking fast, hence the title Ramadan Delights.So the ad on "Best Pork in Town" (page 2) and the page lead article "Morganfield's Sticky Bones" (page 7) with subhead Authentic prime pork ribs will certainly delight your taste buds (with a picture of juicy sticky bones) are a little hard to swallow, let alone digest.


Gua ingat lagi bila puak-puak cina kiasu marahkan TV8 pasal iklan menjaga sensitiviti umat Islam di Pasar Ramadhan.. Tapi apa pulak kata cina-cina kiasu pasal iklan Ramadhan Delight The Star ni?


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