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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The law which can be an ass, says that if he reads a statement from the kandang lembu, then he does not need to swear an oath. Secondly he can escape cross examination.


You mean just because he sits on one side of the wooden railings, he has to swear an oath, he can be cross examined and stuff. But the moment he sits on the other side of the wooden railings, he need not swear an oath and he cannot be cross examined? He can thumb his nose at everyone? But they are all inside the same Court room. What kind of crap is this? I tell you folks, the law can be a real ass. 
Maybe the PM, his wife, the former IGP etc should all take the same position as the brader. They should all just read a statement from the dock. No testimony from the box and no cross examination.
I can imagine Kak Rosmah starting like this, “I am Rosmah. Here is my statement from the dock. My favourite foods are mee goreng and mee kari. My favourite colour is pink. My shoe size is six and if it has bling blings ooooohh I get goose bumps. Thats all I would like to state Yang Ariff. Thank you for inviting me to your Court’. End of statement. No cross examination. 

What is with this guy and swearing an oath? In Sodomy 1 he refused to swear an oath. For Sodomy 2 he refused to swear an oath in the Mosque, on the Quran, under the bed, in the shower or anywhere else.

Now even inside the Courtroom he refuses to take an oath and testify. Chicken sh*t betul lah kawan ni.

This trial is actually Guinnes Book of World Records stuff already. It has been postponed more than 70 times. “It is the mother of all trials in Malaysia” Listen to what the good Judge (Datuk Haji Abdul Malik Bin Haji Ishak) said :

i. Trial unduly prolonged
ii. Legal manoeuvrings activated by the appellant at every nook and corner
iii. Mother of all trials in Malaysia 
iv. bent to deceive and confuse the uninitiated

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