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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gas Crisis? - Folks can you all hear that ? Listen carefully. Its the sound of a deep silence. Its the Cabinet and Petronas.

Folks, if ever the US wants to bomb our country (like they bomb Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Pakistan) this is what they would want to do - knock out our energy supplies. And knocking out 25% of a country's energy supplies would be a major strategic success. Yet we are doing this to ourselves already, without any help from any outside enemies.
(CHOOSING MERDEKA ATTIRE a middle of crisis)
The Cabinet and Petronas are playing it cool because there will be no power cuts. The power plants will just fire more and more distillate fuel. The extra costs will be passed through and TNB will bear the losses. End of story.
It is not in Petronas' KPI if TNB suffers RM2.0 billion or RM3.0 billion losses. Neither will the Cabinet be worried because again it does not fall under their KPIs either. 
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