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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The country has no leadership


Announcements were made continuously without understanding what were said. The PM reads the budget in parliament but when it comes to Q&A, Nor Yaakob does the answering. Some people prepare the text and PM who has no time to understand the context, will just read it.

Now if a wily business man like Daim doesn’t understand Najibnomics, what chance do common folks have?
Civil servants complained to Daim about having to implement policies which they have no part in giving inputs. Our economic models are prepared by consultants under the commissar-ship of people like Omar Ong or Idris Jala. 
Suddenly people realize that Najib is all poster boy, long on popularity, unfortunately short in ability.

Now, the perception is Najib is even more terrible than Pak Lah.
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