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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bahasa Kebangsaan, Sekolah Kebangsaan... NATIONAL AIRLINES.. Semua yang KEBANGSAAN nampaknya celarukan di negara ini

This “share swap deal” is a joke of the century.  It would appear that now AirAsia, which has been known to have the special “abilities” to owe airport taxes to the tune of more than RM125 million since it inception until 2010, has been made out to look like a white knight for MAS.
AirAsia has been given the special rights to owe airport taxes but to compete with MAS in most, if not all of the profiting matured routes like London, several cities in India, Australia, Japan and etc.  It must be noted that MAS has expanded enormous efforts not to mention costs to promote and nurture all the routes to make them profitable.  MAS was like a boxer with its hands tied behind and put in the boxing ring to fight.
Whereas MAS had to fly all routes granted regardless of profitability, as MAS, is our national carrier and the country ambassador, keep our presence in other countries. Whereas AirAsia enjoys the special “rights and privileges” t owe airport taxes at one time and now pick and chose its destinations.
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