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Sunday, November 22, 2009

BOC Poll Result

The poll question :-

SHOULD the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) BE OFFERED BACK Malaysian Citizenship ?

was conducted on this blog from 15 October, 2009 till 22 November, 2009 (about 38 days). 436 votes were registered with the result, as follow:-

Nearly 98% (427 votes) respondents voted "NO" to the offering of Malaysian Citizenship to BOC
About 1 % (5 votes) respondents voted "YES" and,
Less than 1% (4 votes) respondents said that they don't care.

Readers are invited to read more about the Poll here.

Readers may also like to read the following news dated 15 November, 2009 by clicking the link given below:-

UPDATE 22/11/2009 at 1930hrs

Visit KEMBARA POLITIK for more news on "Immigrant Baby Killer"

UPDATE 18/05/2010

It seems there is technical glitch at the poll chart. The chart now show 0%(0) for 'YES', 98% (120) for 'NO' and 1% (2) for 'DON'T CARE' with total votes cast 122. (Please refer to the above for the poll figures at the time the poll was closed)
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