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Thursday, October 15, 2009

When A Bridge Is Burnt

When someone loves "the other side" more, and "does not love" this side as much as tearing "up their passports and set off for Britain in the belief they could claim citizenship", that someone is very clear in his stance.

But what happen when he cannot get to "the other side" ?

Some have said it correctly.

Swallow your pride. Rebuild the bridge you yourself burnt. We will see whether we shall open the door at our end when you finished rebuilding.

But some seem to have said it all wrong. Why?

- Don't have the capability to think straight ?
- Have become "apologist" beyond comprehension ?
- Or simply having unholy, subversive agenda against this country ?

Must Read :-

> Jebat Must Die - Disloyalty Has Its Price
> Kembara Politik - Tiada Tempat Bagi Pengkhianat Malaysia
> Ondastreet - My Malaysia : Nationality, A Non Negotiable And Non Tradable Trait
> Pure Shiite - X-Malaysians BOC Should Be OCB : Orang Cina Bodoh

After reading the above, please take the poll below:-

Should they be offered Malaysian Citizenship?

Thank you.


Update : 23 October, 2009
Concerned Citizens and True Patriots of Malaysia wrote a letter to the Speaker of The House of Commons, Mayor of London and the Directors of Strangers Into Citizen Campaign; regarding this BOC issue. (Click here to read - pdf file)
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